A particle’s journey 

I came from the nothingness of empty space

Created in time by loving embrace

I have traveled beyond the realms of the mind

Part of an element and things so divine.

I sat inside the heart of a star

bounced and battered but didn’t get far

Millions of years I stayed as a light

finally released to start my flight.

I have been part of the things people see

a creature at sea and the leafs on a tree

In my creation, I build upon the part that is good

and keep laying layers to be understood.

Each stage is needed, each growth endured

to merge into a being that is becoming matured

I fade out and leave for a period of time

but always return in search of the light to find.

From the beginning to the end a marvelous blend

in awareness self to further extend

I seek the answer of the physical being

I will feel its essence without ever seeing.

I create with a thought, grand designs

that once left me confused and my mind in decline

Now the mirror that reveals the spiritual truth

shinning so brightly to be put to good use

Humbled by the reflection left for me to find

I am part of the path for all to bind.