Ambers glowing in the dark

bursting forth a tiny spark.

That spark reminds me of the gifts I hold

of love and kindness and growing old.

It springs in vivid memories

of old friends and dogs and long-lost melodies.

Of times when things seemed to all go wrong

yet in the end they made me strong.

Those tiny sparks made me smile

of stunning mysteries, I sat beguiled.

Their orange red surface held more than pain

like light and warmth and knowledge to gain.

Each tiny amber held a fierce fire waiting to emerge

or simply a tiny light to guide one to converge.

I try to count those little lights

but change they did before my sight.

Some climbed into the sky

to seek an audition before they die.

Some lingered as pinpoints of heat

from giant to ash an incredible feat.

Saddened they left before I knew

to ask of things forsaken before I grew.

I watched them cool with an inner delight

and bid farewell as they warmed eternal night.