An imaginary world

An imaginary world that is bathed in light

where the people are at peace, there is no fight.

A smile is upon the face of mankind

and oceans and forest are simple divine.

Homes are unlocked and greetings with glee

a place to call home for you and for me.

In the past there was disputes that caused the pain

but the world came together with so much to gain.

But not before the hurt and the wars

not before the crushing pain and the sores.

There was sickness and greed that began to rot

The leaders sought power, so they always fought.

The people grew weary of living on lies

and replaced the leaders with joyous cries.

They placed a plaque in each of their lands

pledging that hatred would be forever banned.

Generations have passed and the sins are no more

no tears crying in remembrance of gore.

No children cry when to bed they do go

They are happy and safe, it’s all that they know.

No hiding for safety, no fear for their life

no hunger or pain brought on by the strife.

Imagine this world that exists in our mind

take the action and help us all to find.