Thomas Michael

Helene receiving her PhD in

 Engineering, Montana

State University  

Bozeman Montana

Born and raised in Washington state. I entered the military from High School in 1967 (Army, "1st and 5th SFG (Abn) and left the military service in 1976. 

     Following the military I enrolled at  Peru State College, Peru Nebraska and graduated  in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I took a position with the Boeing Airplane Company in Washington state, where I worked in various fields of engineering retiring in 2005 and moving to Montana in 2011.

         In my art, I attempt to capture a moment of time, which I hope will retrieve forgotten memories for the viewer, provide a moment of tranquility or simply offer an alternative perspective toward a subject.

Depicting primarily the beauty and diversity of North American wildlife, I find myself constantly rediscovering the magnificence of our wilderness and its inhabitance.       

                            I have been blessed with a wonderful life companion and wife (Helene) from Drottningholm, Sweden, who provides constant smiles, inspiration and gentle reminders of what is truly important in life. 

I spend my time divided between painting, building guitars, fly rods, pottery and writing, as well as helping taking care of our dogs, squeezing in some golf, fishing and doing all those little projects that need attention after a long Winter.




Jax and Jasmine