The melting snow shows below, the hope of Spring to bring.

Shades of green and tiny things, the warmth they do so cling.

Water seeps into the ground and pushing forth where life abound,

shoots of stems burst from the ground, proclaim arrival without a sound.

Listen with your heart and you will hear

The cycle of life so very clear.

Sleeping creatures of every size

wipe the sleep from their opening eyes.

To gaze upon a season made anew

another cycle to construe.

Tiny footprints scamper up the snow

provides the evidence of who lives below.

Tracks are seen where the otter play

sometimes sliding as a sleigh.

The mystical mornings of flapping wings

when birds sit on branches and softly sing.

A loss of crispness in the air

slowly awakens the sleeping bear.

Stay still for just a moment and breathe the power of life

close your eyes and gently release all the worldly strife.

See with the clarity of mountain rain

from this life, do not abstain.

Form the snow into a ball and hold it in your hand.

As it melts and the cold release, perhaps you’ll understand.

Let the cold turn to warmth as it changes upon your palm,

introspect the path of life and choose the one that’s calm.