My friend and companion

I held his paw as he drifted bye

neither of us wanting to hear that sigh.

Him from life and me from him

a paradox made life so grim.

He fought the dark and gently did not go

a tribute to a fighter who had a golden soul

His body laid claim to the battles he saw

being a survivor his only flaw.

He never knew how to run and play

existing on the streets as a stray

But he found love in who rescued him

and saved him from, a life so grim.

He found the kindness in a human’s hand

his world suddenly started to expand

We went for walks and had his own bed

his trust slowly started to spread.

In his last years he learned how to play

to be with a pack and enjoy each day

His sprit as strong as any I saw

but even he, could not resist the call.

A valiant life he claimed for his own

even if half would be spent alone

Tears were shed as he fell to sleep

an honorable one for whom I weep

Farewell my dear one, may you rest in peace

and from the pain I proclaim your release.