The droplet

A droplet of water hanging in the air,

I sit and marvel and continue to stare.

Was it once part of a long dead sea?

the breath of a dinosaur, or evaporation of a tree.

Could it have been exhaled from a long-parted king?

perhaps from a critter that could give a nasty sting.

Could it come from far away space?

providing the building blocks to start a new race.

Could it have traveled down the renowned Nile?

or the sparkle in the eye, that can easily beguile. 

Could it have traveled high in a cloud?

to come pounding down, so very loud.

Could it be the essence of someone I knew?

to reside now in a sphere of light blue.

Could it be part of a spinning web

that could easily bring a day of dread.

Could it have been sent for just me to see?

to reflect on the simplicity, of human glee.