The Potential

Incredible laughter heard from afar

birds singing, squirrels in a mocking playful spar

Singing clear brook, with water so cold

that dizziness ensues with a taste so bold.

Wild ones come to welcome each quest

nodding approval to each one so blessed.

People caring for their neighbor next door

whether they are rich or whether they be poor.

People stop to aid the child that is lost

and no one questions the time that it cost.

People gather together, to give thanks for their lives

learning from histories accident archives.

People create things of beauty, it’s hard not to cry

that touches the soul and not just the eye.

Children are loved and taught right from wrong

never beaten to bleed because the other is strong.

People sleep peaceful at night and they are never afraid

they know in their hearts they will not be betrayed.

They continue their quest to achieve their dreams

no desire out of reach, no hope too extreme.

The sound of their joy, rides on currents of air

for all to feel and all to share.

Wars long forgotten, cruelty unknown

generations of love are all that is shown.

Golden ages of learning and creations divine,

knowledge and caring in humanity entwine.