The price I gladly pay

Basking in the sun they said would come,

I’m not really sure as my body is numb.

Cryogenic freezer that I call home

is brutally endured in my inaudible moan.


Frozen tears that broke off in March’s blizzard storm

what is sad is that is the norm.

April came and with it more snow

far from the house I see a faint glow.

Tons of the white stuff I throw to the side,

bright stakes along the way, so my road won’t hide.

A couple of hours is a small price to pay

but several times a day, my nerves start to fray.

The silence is grand and the travelers few  

they hurry along with a welcomed adieu.

Now May is here, and the snow may soon stop

wonderful news as I’m about to drop.

Winter jacket I will keep by the door

just to remind me I have been here before.

I hide the snow shovel and big winter hat, 

pretend it is springtime and throw myself flat.

Gaze up at the bright thing high in the sky

and feel the warmth, as my eyeballs fry.

Oh, what a journey these six months have been

I know it’s my karma for previous sins.

But I’ll gladly trek through it again next year,

cause I have never had my mind be so clear.

Peace and quiet, no price one could pay

to live in this wonderland, just one more day.