The String                 (Tom Michael 2021)

I found some string that had been thrown away,

I wondered what stories it had to say.

Had it been used to offer abuse

by examining it, what could my mind deduce.

Had it been used to bind a wounded heart,

of first love’s failure and a tearful depart.

Had it been used to ship a gift

an offering of peace to settle a rift.

Had it been used in a creative way, 

perhaps a part in a high school play.

Had it been used to pull a tooth

which had become so very loose.

Did it secure a notebook full of ideas and hope?

of creative insight of the artist’s trope.

Had it once tied an ole worn out shoe,

until the owner could find some glue.

Had it been used on the finger to remind,

that it’s often better to simply be kind.

Did it once fly a kite so high?

that it could no longer be seen by eye.

Had it once been used to splint an arm,

or displayed tastefully in delicate charm.

I think I have, uncovered its worth…

It was used to bind the earth,

to heal the wounds and hide the crime

of throwing it away for me to find.